The Sweet Voice

A Sweet Voice to Hear

At Genesis Inc., We call him/her - 'The Caller/Talker'

With the magic word ('Hello') they represent Genesis Inc., and they know what their script is. But they use their powers to and a key element (patients) to communicate with the world and connecting Genesis lines with the customers and prospects. They are capable of interacting with everyone in thier own way making the voice at the other end so comfortable that in minutes they sense the friendliness and closeness. Yes and they also play the first step in all our projects.

The First Look

The Identity

The first encounter with a face. But its no stranger to you. You know who they are and you know why they are there. We call them - The First Look. On the decided day/date/time/place you see the represntation of Genesis to connect personally with you and build a trust of satisfaction of assured services delivered at your request.

The Co-ordinator

The Connection

The one who we at Genesis Inc., call - 'The CareTaker' is your friend. For all the basic requirements to the last minute changes everything and anything you want to be taken care of for your event. Suggestions, Options, Alternatives, Decisions, Delivery and for every requirement you connect to the co-ordinator because you trust him/her and have to rest assured because your requirement is given in the right hands.

The Negotiator

The Adjuster

There is a reason why we call him/her - 'The Commerical Body'. The accounts of pins and pillars are on the safest sector on The Adjuster's mind. The Negotiator knows what the best commercial and whats the percentage. Whats the worth of efforts and above all The Adjuster knows the Worth Of A Relation.